I support this politician only because of the issues… So no I won’t go and get matching rings as her or matching shoes or follow her around the state to get a picture. Lol

The worse thing is

waking up and realizing it wasn’t just a bad dream. He’s actually gone.

I seem to constantly get myself into this numb denial where I just act like he’s still a phonecall away. Maybe this is a “coping mechanism”, I don’t know.

I’ll never forget

this one time at church our discussion leader said ”I think all people who are homosexual have mental issues”

This was a few years ago yet I still remember this so vividly. There are too many things inherently wrong with that statement and countless counterexamples that I’m still appalled she said that. What’s worse is that she was a mentor figure feeding us this information as “education”. We were expected to write down in our little notebooks “homosexuality = mental illness”.

I’m too close to people that happen to have different sexual preferences to not be offended. It’s wrong. It’s just wrong. To assume such an absolute and offensive statement for the limited sources and research she had.. it’s amazing.

lolol. I’m sorry, but one does not simply “catch a virus” of infectious gayness. 

Goodbye, best friend.

You showed me what it feels like to have someone truly caring and loving all the time. You loved me so much, and I didn’t appreciate you nearly enough. I only feel so ashamed that I couldn’t be better for you. I love you so painfully much. I wish the best for you. I really do.

There were 2 parties yesterday

We escaped one because there were 4 bratty kids that got their feelings hurt because others wouldn’t let them watch the desired TV show

Then we went to another one and we discovered another bratty kid in the disguise of a drunk man who got his feelings hurt because 3 months ago other people didn’t let him talk straight for 2 hours.

Both parties of children suffered and struggled so much from the agony of not having every detail exactly how they wanted. They yelled, told anyone they could of how cruelly they were treated and unfairly they were persecuted, and thought that other people must just simply be terrible people to prevent them from having every single freaking thing they want. Oh what a hard life they must have.

Boo hoo.

Lol please just drop the “nice guy” act you make me want to vomit. What are you, 15?

"You know, that song.. well, that song is how I feel about your mom."

One of the first times I’ve seen my father cry. True love, everyone.